Aquanure Products! Get ready to see your garden grow!!


Aquanure Products

Scientifically Curated

Ingredients :

Hardwood Ash Pulp - Good source of Potassium that aids in PH balance soil

Fish Effluents - Overall soil enhancement and plant nutrition

Vegetable and Root Compost - Added nutrition that plants thrive on

Microbial Rich Plant Nutrients - Billions of beneficial bacteria

Aquanure Concentrate Available in 4L and 20L

Aquanure Concentrate is added to rain or well water. ( 4L concentrate to 100L of Pure Water or 25:1 Ratio) 

Great on flower beds and vegetable gardens. Water plants a the plant base and watch for garden flourish.

Aquanure - Ready to Nourish 4L

Ready to Nourish is a convenient and simple way to enhance all growing media. Use the easy to handle 4 L jug to water flowers, herbs and vegetables, Great for container plants. 

Aquanure - Garden Mulch 20L pail or via our 20L Recycle Pail Program

Aquanure Garden Mulch is made from hardwood pulp and nutrient rich Aquanure that delivers nutrients to soil and plants though out the growing season. Aquanure Garden Mulch can be mixed with traditional soil for larger planting beds or used as a top dressing in smaller beds and planters. 

Where can I buy Aquanure Products?

Huntsville Home Hardware

Dwight Garden Centre

Muskoka North Good Food Co-Op

Soul Sistas

Valley Feeds - Huntsville